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Rank and Tenure Committee

As approved by the tenure line faculty on February 16, 2011

(Edited March 16, 2014 to reflect change from Kogod Council to Kogod School of Business Faculty Council as faculty governance body)


The authority establishing the Kogod School of Business’s Rank and Tenure Committee (RTC) is derived from the structure and process for faculty actions described in the American University Faculty Manual. Specifically, an academic unit can establish a designated committee to review a candidate’s file and provide a written recommendation, as outlined in the American University Faculty Manual, Section 11.


The RTC represents the faculty of the Kogod School as a whole (as distinct from representing department and other representative levels) in matters of reappointment, tenure, promotion, hiring of full-time faculty members, and related faculty matters. Specifically, the RTC reviews and votes on reappointments to tenure-track positions, tenure decisions, promotion decisions, and hiring faculty with tenure. The RTC adheres to the Kogod School of Business Guidelines for Recommending Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure and Hiring Tenured Associate Professors and Guidelines for Recommending Promotion to Full Professor and Hiring Full Professors in its evaluation of candidates. In addition, the RTC is informed of and allowed to comment on related faculty matters such as sabbaticals, leaves, professorships, and titles. The RTC may also have ad hoc responsibilities that relate to faculty actions as directed by the faculty and/or the executive committee. A matrix of RTC responsibilities is given below.

Responsibilities RTC Review and Vote RTC Informed
Reappointment to tenure track Yes  
Tenure Yes  
Promotion of full-time faculty
Endowed chair
Distinguished professorship or university professorship
Sabbatical and leave of absence   Yes
New faculty tenure-track hire without tenure   Yes
Kogod professorship and fellowship   Yes
Term faculty appointment and reappointment   Yes
Titles for non-KSB employees: Scholars, Fellows, and others   Yes
Titles and positions not listed here   Yes

“Informed” is defined as follows: Within two weeks of a decision by the Dean of the Kogod School of Business, the RTC must be informed of the decision. The RTC and the Dean may also request a discussion of a case with each other. In the event of disagreement between the Kogod dean and an earlier level review, the RTC must review and comment on the case.

Membership and Terms:

The RTC is comprised of one faculty member from each academic department. Tenured associate professors and full professors (except the Dean, Senior Associate Dean, and Department Chairs) are eligible to serve on the RTC with a preference for full professors and Academically Qualified faculty. Each department will elect a member to serve on the RTC. Each member of the RTC will serve a two-year term beginning on August 15th of the year elected and ending on August 14th of the second year. A faculty member may not serve more than two consecutive two-year terms on the RTC. If a member resigns before the completion of his/her term, the department will hold an election to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term. At the first meeting following August 15th, members of the RTC will elect a chair and vice chair who both serve until August 14th of the following year.