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Views from Abroad


Why did you want to study at WHU?
I've been learning German since 8th grade so I knew I wanted to study abroad in Germany. I have spent time in the southern part before, but the idea of living in a small village in an area that I wouldn't normally go to totally intrigued me.

What is the best part about being a WHU student and living in Germany?
WHU is a very small school, that being said it's easy to get to know Germans and other Tauschies (exchange students) inside and outside the classroom. Also, the central location allows it to be a great starting point for travel by plane or train—there are numerous countries a short distance away!

What has been your favorite class so far?
First quarter, I really liked my International Marketing class with Professor Fassnacht. He's a spirited guy and makes the topics interesting. This quarter I enjoyed Business Ethics because it's such an important issue and the professor was from an American school and flew in for the week to teach the class. It was nice to have a class structured in a way that I was accustomed.

Advice for students thinking about studying at WHU or abroad in general?
If you plan to go to WHU, do realize that it is a small village! They have a lot of campus events, especially in the beginning of the semester for you to get acclimated to the WHU way of life. Also, I came here as the only one from AU and it has been an absolute blast to make all these friends from all over the world. To anyone studying abroad, your time abroad is what you make it—so live it up (but don't forget to study!).

Nora Liberti, BSBA '13