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Masters in Finance Degree Program

Masters in Finance Degree Program

At a Glance

  • 33 credit hours
  • Can be completed on a full- or part-time* basis
    * Part-time students must be able to take some classes during the day
  • MSF program prepares graduates for the CFA exam

The Masters in Finance degree program (MSF) at the Kogod School of Business provides students with a rigorous and intellectually sophisticated framework for analysis and decision-making in finance.

With Washington, D.C. as their backdrop, MS Finance students at Kogod are at the crux of financial market regulation and policy. The MSF program's experienced faculty, seasoned executives-in-residence, and active professionals are closely attuned to day-to-day movements and big picture evolution in the finance world.

Hands-on Experience: Student Managed Investment Fund

MSF graduates have the opportunity to take specialized courses in Investment Banking, Financial Intermediation in Emerging Markets, Investment Analysis, and more.

Career Outcomes

The Kogod Center for Career Development provides MSF students with opportunities to network, attend career fairs and on-campus recruiting to facilitate a positive career outcome.

Learn More: MS Finance Outcomes

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