MS Analytics Utilize data to make practical-and progressive-business decisions.

Kogod's on-campus Master of Science in Analytics (MSAn) program prepares students to be experts in data analysis and to use data to solve a variety of organizational and business challenges. The program incorporates data analysis best practices related to fiscal performance and operational effectiveness into the curriculum.

Students in the MSAn program learn evidence-based data gathering, data modeling, and quantitative analysis, as well as how to implement these tools to provide businesses with competitive advantages. Students gain skills to work in business intelligence, financial analysis, marketing, and consulting.

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Get the Experience To Succeed

Kogod's FSIT Lab gives students access licensed software and databases.

The capstone practicum is core to the MSAn experience and gives you high-level analytical application of real world data.

You’ll partner with a local organization, working to solve an analytics problem integral to the company’s operation. The MSAn capstone bridges theory and practice, giving you the real-world skills you need to succeed.

Guest speakers are also a key part of the curriculum. Past speakers include industry leaders such as the CEO of Primehook Technology, the Principal Data Scientist for Zocdoc and the VP of Data Analytics for Unisys. The program’s speaking events offer invaluable networking opportunities, helping you further both your academic and professional career.


Program Director: MS Analytics


"We’ll probably need 1.5 million more data-driven analysts and managers in the next 4-5 years.”


There are plenty of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Almost every domain is utilizing analytics right now, from Amazon to Netflix. Analytics is a growing field, and it's going to become more important as new ways to capture data become available.

Organizations are in desperate need of professionals who can analyze data to help businesses make successful decisions.

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It’s been exciting to discover how much more marketable I am with a MS.

Zoe Pribula, MSAn ’17, enrolled in Kogod’s MS Analytics program determined to find her professional self. It didn’t take long for Pribula to set her direction. She received a job offer from IBM before the end of her first semester. She claims the program’s real value, though, lies in its experiential learning opportunities.

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Extensive Career Opportunities

Kogod's home in the nation's capital offers you access to extensive internship and employment opportunities.

Our alumni work throughout the DC metro region and beyond. When you enroll in the program, you'll also join a wide-ranging professional network. The Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) offers additional career support. The KCCD provides one-on-one guidance on job searching, crafting your resume, relationship building, and transitioning to new business careers. The Center is committed to helping both you-and your future employer-meet your goals.

Alumni Profile: MS Analytics


"We analyzed real-life data, instead of just being in a controlled environment in the classroom."

Frequently Asked Questions

The MSAn is a 33 credit-hour program that can be completed either full-time or part-time. Full-time students typically finish between 1-2 years; part-time students finish between 2-3 years.

You can take electives in Accounting Forensics; Biostatistics; Business Fundamentals; Computational Statistics; IT Consulting; Marketing; or other approved graduate analytical subjects. 

Specializations require 12 graduate credit hours in each subject.

The MSAn program is culturally and ethnically diverse. In Fall 2016, over half of the cohort was a US minority, and a fourth were international students. The male/female ratio was 50/50.

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