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MS Accounting Alumni Testimonials

Harrison Feind, BSBA '12, MSA '13 

Employer: KPMG, Washington, D.C.

Learning from the Experts:
"I challenge you to find another group of professors more wholehearted and more devoted to students than here at the Kogod School of Business. Yet their sincerity should not be overshadowed by their business aptitude. Each professor not only introduces students to ground-breaking business ideas and concepts in class, but pushes each student to apply these same ideas and concepts to real-life scenarios."

Ross Wittenberg, BSA '11, MSA '13

Employer: PhD Candidate, University of Texas, Austin

The Kogod Advantage:
"I wholeheartedly attribute my academic and professional successes to my experience as a Kogod student. The strong sense of community among the students and professors allowed for collaboration and mentorship throughout my studies as I was able to develop practical, professional skills stressed during coursework."

Miriam Coates, BSBA '12, MSA '13

Employer: Ernst & Young (EY), New York, NY

Beyond the Classroom:
"Kogod emphasized that what you learned outside of the classroom was just as important as what you learned inside. Throughout my five years in Kogod, I gained a remarkable education that was found both in and out of the textbooks. I take the lessons I learned with me through my professional and personal life. I only have positive memories of the professors and students, who became both mentors and good friends."

Helen-Audrey Adom, BSBA '12, MSA '14

Employer: United Nations Foundation, Washington, D.C.

On Her Kogod Experience:
"Studying at the Kogod Business School brought me confidence. I am gaining knowledge, networking with people, and developing the right attitude towards my goals. No matter where my experiences lead me, I rest assured that any doors could be unlocked. I truly value the sense of community - this is one of the beautiful aspects of our campus."

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