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Mary E. Crannell


MA, Colgate University, graduated cum laude
BA, Eisenhower College of the Rochester Institute of Technology


Mary Crannell is president and founder of Idea Sciences, a company that designs decision support tools to assist organizations to make smarter decisions. Idea Sciences offers “decision assurance” to enterprises -- government, non-governmental organizations and commercial.

Her company’s global client base includes International Monetary Fund, Organization of American States, NATO, QinetiQ, the US Army, UK Army, Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority, Verizon, Zimmer and Herman Miller.

One of her primary areas of research is the role of culture in decision-making. She has lived in Europe and traveled extensively in the Middle East, Central America and Mexico.    These experiences coupled with her work with internationals in the US have earned her the reputation of a cultural translator.  She is gifted at identifying the cultural norms of an organization within a specific cultural context.  Her ability to build rapport easily and to quickly identify the lynchpins of an organizational structure is noteworthy. In all her work Mary believes it is important to understand the cultural framework for decisions.  With each individual decision a system moves closer to or farther away from achieving its objectives.

IT Interest

Mary has been involved in facilitating multiple technology migrations.  Recently she facilitated the creation of a framework for fifty states to supply data to the federal government.  With the use of collaborative technologies she instituted a process that streamlined the data requirement and built support for the technology migration required to align all the states’ data systems.

Mary’s organizational systems background (25 plus years) coupled with her global work experience provides a robust backdrop for creating human and information systems that support the strategic goals of an organization.

Mary believes the use of information technology to audit decisions and to enable rapid decision-making is key in today’s global business environment.

Using a range of collaboration technologies Mary collects, synthesizes and displays diverse ideas, helping groups to develop new high-value insights into issues, and build consensus. They enhance participation and support, accelerate decision-making and planning, minimize the effect of “opinion dominators” on the outcome and reduce the potential for polarization in a worldwide enterprise.

Idea Sciences

- Five full-time employees with a network of consulting contractors

- Idea Sciences provides support to decision-makers through a range of unique tools and services. Our organizational development professionals and software designers have extensive experience (between 7 and 30 years each) in the field of decision support.
- Our focus is on the application of decision-making software and research to solve complex organizational problems that cannot be addressed via "traditional" problem-solving routes.

205 Strand Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
703-299-3480 voice
703-299-3485 fax