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ITEC Executives


James (Jim) Kane Ph.D.

President and CEO
(703) 742-7256
(703) 742-7346 Fax

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
B.S., LeMoyne College, Syracuse, New York


As CEO, I focus on providing leadership to the business, managing our Board of Directors, and representing SSCI in a wide variety of professional, technical and business forums. SSCI members are companies who “have to get it right” when it comes to delivering systems and software, whether it is putting spacecraft in orbit or running the state lottery. My professional interest as a recovering economist is on understanding the economic and business implications of technology applications, particularly information technology and communications networks.

IT Interest

Information technology and communications networks have been major themes of Jim’s thirty- year professional career. He has had responsibility for projects as diverse as: Usage-based pricing model(s) for data communications networks (1985); networking simulators to support military training (1989); installing the first wireless data systems on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (1996); developing a successful strategy for a major defense contract to enter the civilian IT market (2003). Jim has served as President and CEO of Federal Sources, VP-Business Solutions for GTE Information Systems, Director of Marketing for GTE Spacenet, and Director of Advanced Program Development for BBN Technologies.


Systems and Software Consortium

Systems and Software Consortium (SSCI), has annual revenues of $20M and a staff of 80, of which approximately have are experts in systems engineering, software engineering, and process improvement.

- SSCI is a unique organization of leading U.S. companies that share a common objective to improve their business performance by enhancing their software engineering and systems engineering capabilities and processes.
- SSCI member companies work with the SSCI professional staff to address the challenges of large, software-intensive systems, programs, and operations challenges that a consortium of companies can address more economically, rapidly and effectively than any single member.
- SSCI’s membership includes leaders in the aerospace, defense, IT, financial, and electronic industries, as well as government agencies and academia.

Systems and Software Consortium, Inc. (SSCI)
2214 Rock Hill Road
Herndon VA 20170-4227
Phone: (703) 742-8877
Fax: (703) 742-7347