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ITEC Executives


Ed Trainor

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
(202) 906-4500

Ed Trainor has served as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in four very diverse industries – i.e., airline, utility, entertainment and railroad.  In early 1994 he became the CIO of Paramount Pictures where he led their information systems team through numerous mergers, acquisitions and business transformation efforts and where he also helped initiate and develop Paramount’s anti-piracy efforts.


In early 2007 he accepted the position of CIO for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (aka Amtrak).

He is a past national President of the Society for Information Management (SIM) and is also the co-author of two textbooks on information strategy.


19,000 employees

Amtrak is a government-owned corporation founded in 1971 in order to provide intercity rail transportation. It serves an average of 78,000 passengers across 300 trains and 500 destinations per day. An average of 850,000 people every weekday depend on commuter rail services that use Amtrak-owned infrastructure, dispatching, shared operations, or that ride commuter trains operated by Amtrak.

Washington Human Resources
Lower Level, Room #101
900 2nd St NE
Washington, DC  20002