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Kogod 1955 Club

Kogod 1955 Club Members

Kogod 1955 Club

Get involved with the 1955 Club at the Kogod School of Business.

The 1955 Club provides meaningful opportunities for student ambassadors to develop leadership skills through an annual retreat and monthly meetings. The organization also emphasizes personal responsibility, integrity, and professional development.

1955 Club members are required to hold one bi-weekly tour hour, coordinate one group peer mentor event, and attend one 1955 Club meeting each month during the academic year. Additionally, there are many other opportunities for club members to get more involved in the Kogod School of Business!


Kogod Envoys and Peer Mentors

Envoys serve as program ambassadors and represent Kogod to prospective students during AU Admission Days and other recruitment events. Each envoy must become familiar with Kogod admission and recruitment techniques.

Peer Mentors provide support for first-year student programs such as New Student Orientation and Kogod Kick-Off. Peer Mentors work in groups to coordinate a social or academic event each month for the first-year students.


Develop Business Skills
Develop skills in marketing, event management, and organizational behavior while make new friends and connections in Kogod.

Become a Better Leader
By attending the required Annual Leadership Retreat you will learn important leadership skills. The retreat includes a ropes course and the opportunity to get to know other Kogod student leaders.

For questions, please contact AU1955Club@gmail.com.

Meet the Kogod Envoys

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Meet the Peer Mentors

Meet the Fall 2014 Peer Mentors!

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Learning Objectives

The 1955 Club supports the following learning objectives:

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