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Expand graduate learning beyond the classroom. Kogod activities, clubs and organizations are a great way to get involved, meet other business students, and apply your leadership and management skills.

New Student Programs and Orientation

Kogod encourages lifelong networking and collaboration among students, alumni and faculty and it strives to nurture those bonds on campus. Introducing new students to the Kogod community is an important part of that process. We create many experiences for new students that prepare them for the classroom and welcome them to our academic community.

All graduate students have an orientation designed specifically for the programs they are entering. For full-time MBA students, there is a four-day intensive program that introduces them to all of the services available at AU and to other members of the Kogod community. During orientation, new students are given a tour of all relevant AU offices, introduced to faculty, academic advisors and student leaders. Similar one-day programs are tailored to serve the needs of MS students and those pursuing part-time programs. Mid-year programs are also coordinated. Visit the new students section of the website for more information.

Case Competition

The Kogod Case Competition is one of the most popular events hosted each year by the Kogod School of Business. Case Competitions, held at business schools around the country, are an excellent opportunity for students to sharpen their communication skills, presentation style, and problem-solving techniques while working on challenging business problems that are based on actual companies. Visit the Case Competition website for more information.

Clubs and Organizations 

Kogod offers a variety of student organizations and clubs and services, and strives to assist them to become as effective as possible. The K-LAB is a liaison to the AU Student Activities Center and provides targeted advising for Kogod student organizations in officer training, event planning, goal-setting, organizational behavior and more. Club leaders write professional memos and use other professional skills to promote their activities and introduce event ideas to Kogod departments such as Marketing, Alumni Relations, Development and Corporate Relations. To view graduate clubs and organizations, click here.


For graduating and continuing students alike, commencement activities offer a time to pause, recognize past accomplishments and look forward to the future. The K-LAB staff works hard to make this a memorable and moving event for students and their guests. The K-LAB represents Kogod on the AU Commencement Committee, coordinates the Student Speaker selection process and organizes Kogod logistics. The K-LAB also co-coordinates the Graduate Reception with the Graduate Business Association and orders undergraduate commencement gifts. View more information about commencement.

Event Communication Tools

The K-LAB staff produces a weekly newsletter, the Kogod School Bulletin, to inform graduate students and the larger Kogod community about upcoming events and student activities. To add a posting to the newsletter, please email Allison Holcomb at holcomb@american.edu with specific information about the event.

Making a Difference Is Our Business

The "Making a Difference is Our Business" program provides the opportunity for graduate students to work together on service projects several times throughout the year. Launched in 2008, this new group has worked with Washington Parks and People, a nonprofit devoted to restoring area parks; and D.C. Central Kitchen, one of the city’s largest soup kitchens and food outreach services.

Support for Student Initiatives and Ideas

Kogod tries to support students as they explore ideas that may be innovative or unconventional. To that end, K-LAB staff supports students in attending events outside of AU, such as LeaderShape conferences, the Global Business Summit at New York University’s Stern School of Business, and Georgetown University's Case Competition. In addition, the K-LAB encourages students to follow through on their original ideas and in the past has helped students launch the Kogod Golf Tournament and organize a class trip to a Maryland high school to teach entrepreneurship.


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