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Meet an Undergraduate Student

Zoe Greenblott

Class of 2018

Major: Business Administration - Business and Entertainment

Hometown: Columbus, OH

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What are three cool things you've done in Washington, D.C. while attending American University?

  1. Interned at a Talent Agency.
  2. Scavenger Hunt at the National Gallery of Art.
  3. Saw Academy Award winner Geena Davis speak about Feminism and Film.

Internship Experience
Capital Talent Agency

What is your favorite place in D.C.?
Museum of Natural History

Extracurricular Activities

  • Mission Improv-able (AU's improv troupe)
  • AU Chorus

What's your most memorable moment at Kogod?
When I met with a TA to go over an assignment I was unsure of she gave me clear advice and directions. I followed it and ended up getting an A on that assignment.

Your best advice for a new student?
If you feel stressed out, come talk to one of us. We're students too, and chances are we've done the same project your working on. We'd be glad to give you some advice. You have a lot of wonderful resources - use them.

Also, when you are feeling discouraged and misunderstood, rather than trying to make people understand you, try to understand others.