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Gabriela Niemiec

Gabriela Niemiec

Class of Fall 2018

Major: Business Administration, International Business Specialization

Hometown: Oakland, NJ


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What are three cool things you've done in Washington, D.C. while attending American University?

  1. Went to the Lincoln Memorial at midnight.
  2. Attended an event about the Syrian Refugees Crisis in Europe where the Ambassador of France, Gerard Araud, expressed his opinion and concerns.
  3. Listened to the World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim, speak about poverty in the world and what could be done to eradicate it, at the United States Institute of Peace.

What is your favorite place in D.C.?
Lafayette Square

Extracurricular Activities

  • Kogod 1955 Club

What's your most memorable moment at Kogod?
First day of Business 1.0, when I realized and felt assured that I made the right decision switching by major to Business Administration.

Your best advice for a new student?
Take every opportunity that is given to you. Good opportunities don't come too often, so when they do, embrace them. Even if you feel that it might not be something you like, you will discover more about yourself and learn from the experience.