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Meet an Undergraduate Student

Taylor Yalem

Taylor Yalem

Class of 2017

Major: BS in Business Administration
Hometown: West Hill, CA

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Campus Activities

Social sorority, running team, intramural football team, 1955 Club

My Favorite Place in D.C.

Book Hill Park in Georgetown

The Three Coolest Things I've Done While at AU

  • Went night hula hooping on the national mall
  • Went to see the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin
  • Toured parts of the Smithsonian Museum

Most Memorable Experience at Kogod

My most memorable moment was last semester in my Business 1.0 class. We were presenting our final case studies, and standing in front of a crowd speaking about something I was passionate about was incredible. The level of respect shown to one another in that classroom makes me proud to be in Kogod.