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Meet an Undergraduate Student

Jennifer Zolla

Class of 2016

Major: BS in Business Administration
Specialization: International Business
Hometown: Belford, MA

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What are three cool things you've done in Washington, D.C. while attending American University?

  1. Study abroad in Madrid, Spain
  2. Participated in a case competition in Spanish
  3. Night monumenting

Internship Experience
National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders (Summer 2014), Deloitte (Summer 2015)

What is your favorite place in D.C.?
WWII Memorial

Extracurricular Activities
Kogod 1955 Club, Kogod Center for Business Communications, Women's Club Basketball

What's your most memorable moment at Kogod?
All of the wonderful people I've met and activities I've gotten to do with them, like the Kogod Case Competition.

What's your best advice for a new student?
Jump in! Don't be afraid to show up to new activities and meet new people - Kogod, AU, and D.C. all have more to offer than you could even imagine.