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Laptop Requirements

The following information is for your reference only. For more information please visit the Office of Information Technology website.

Kogod Laptop Requirement

All Kogod students will need a personal laptop. Kogod recommends Windows laptops, but Macintosh laptops are acceptable as specified in the Software Requirements section below.

Configuration Requirement

Kogod follows the general OIT recommendations for Windows and Mac* laptops:

*Because many business software titles are not available on Mac OS X platform, Mac users will be required to partition their hard disk with Boot Camp and install Windows on a second partition. There are a number of instructions online for installing Windows in Boot Camp.

Students can receive additional support for installing Windows from the OIT Help Desk at 202-885-2550. Students should have at least 100GB available for the Windows partition. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient hard disk space to load special software and data that may be required for certain classes.

Software Requirements

Students are required to have the following software installed in their laptops:

  • Windows 7 or higher running on a native partition. Kogod recommends Windows laptops. However, Macintosh laptops are acceptable, provided that they have Windows 7 or higher installed on a second partition with Boot Camp (please note that some of the software required does not work with programs like VMWare or Parallels, so a boot partition is required).
  • MS Office 365 University, which includes: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, OneNote OR purchase MS Office Professional for Windows.
  • Latest Java and Flash plugins
  • Any additional software required in the syllabus. Students enrolled in Finance elective courses, BSF or MSF will need STATA.

Additional Requirements

  • At least 6 hours of battery life. (We recommend purchasing an extra battery if the laptop has a removable battery.)
  • Students will need full Administrator rights on their computers. (Kogod and OIT cannot support computers on which the user doesn't have full access rights.)
  • Students will need to keep the software up to date, run antivirus scans, and fix hardware and software problems in a timely manner. Students are responsible for keeping their laptops in working order and to consult with OIT to resolve any issues they may be experiencing.