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Additional Resources

In addition, the FSIT Lab offers the following resources for business use:

Statistical Analysis Packages

The lab offers the following statistical analysis packages:

  • EViews
  • SAS

  • Stata

Information Technology/Management

The following information technology and management software is available in the lab:

  • MS Access - Database program

  • MS Excel - Spreadsheet software

  • MS Project - Project management software

  • MS Visio - Microsoft software product for creating a wide variety of business and technical drawings.

  • Dreamweaver - Web design package

  • Expert Choice - Collaboration and decision-support software

  • Certiprep - MS Office training and testing software

  • iQsystem Exams - MS Office certification exam

  • LINDO - Optimization Modeling Software for Linear, Nonlinear, and Integer Programming

  • POM - Product operation management software package


  • Claritas Consumer Point – Geo-demographic marketing research

  • DirectRT – Reaction time measuring program for lab experiments

  • MarkStrat – Online learning software for strategic marketing

  • MediaLab – Questionnaires and multi-media experiments

AU Library

Visit the AU Library website to access business resources by subject, user guides, and how to find a journal.