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Thomson Reuters Eikon Peer Ratio Analysis

This Thomson Reuters Eikon training session (Comparables mode) gives you the ability to evaluate, analyze and edit pre-built sets of companies and create reports on items, such as: per share data, profitability, performance, liquidity analysis, earnings growth, comparative financials, valuation metrics, guidance list.

Goal: To demonstrate how to do a peer ratio analysis by pulling live data directly into Excel from Thomson Reuters Eikon as well as how to look for a clear progression from analyzing the historical behavior of key ratios relevant for the firm to those of the industry.

  • General presentation of Thomson Reuters Eikon
  • Companies: Overview, Prices, Worldscope data, Estimates, Research Reports
  • Filings: Overview and Links to Image Documents
  • Peers: Comparable Reports - Financial, Market & EPS Comparisons
  • Excel Add-in; Building Reports