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Kogod School of Business Center for Business Communications

Visit the Kogod Center for Business Communications (CBC) for help with business writing, public speaking, team presentations, and case competition preparation.

If you can't come see us face-to-face, you can request a Skype or phone appointment. Visit the Center for Business Communications website at for additional resources or to learn how to schedule an appointment.

Putting the Bottom Line on Top

Employees spend a staggering one-third of their workday on e-mail, according to some estimates. They consider 30 percent of that time unnecessary, which adds up to $540 billion of wasted dollars of human capital on low-value e-mail each year.*

The most common e-mail error that we see at the Kogod Center for Business Communications is the failure to put the bottom line (or key takeaway) on top.

Putting the bottom line on top (BLOT) means stating your main message at the beginning of your text. BLOTing occurs in about 90 percent of all good business communications. In fact, BLOTing is so important that its value extends beyond e-mail.


Want to learn more about best practices in e-mail? The New York Times' Alina Tugend has an amusing and informative article.

*Source: Mike Song, chief executive of, as reported in The New York Times.


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