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Finance and Real Estate Month Draws Star Speakers

Dr. Jared Bernstein.

Dr. Jared Bernstein, chief economic advisor to Vice President Joe Biden.

Finance and Real Estate Month at The Kogod School of Business will wrap up with top-notch speakers from the world of finance.

First, Dr. Jared Bernstein, the chief economic advisor to Vice President Joe Biden, will address modern Keynesian economics in his speech, “What Have We Learned From the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?” on Wednesday, October 28.

Dr. Bernstein also serves as the executive director of the Middle Class Task Force, created by President Obama and chaired by Vice President Biden. His areas of expertise include income inequality, employment trends, poverty and low-wage labor markets.

Dr. Bernstein’s speech is co-sponsored by CAS’s Department of Economics, Kogod’s Department of Finance, and SPA’s Department of Government. A question and answer session will follow the lecture, which will be held in the Ward Circle Building, Room 2.

The next event offers an international perspective on investments. A panel of experts will discuss the emergence of Islamic financing, a method of financing in accordance with Sharia, or Islamic law.

Experts in countries around the world are examining the relative health of the Islamic finance market, which now accounts for about $1 trillion in assets – and is growing.

Islamic financing’s principles call for transparent transactions. Trading debt and risky speculation are not allowed; neither are investments in immoral enterprises such as gambling, prostitution or war profiteering. Risks, as well as returns, are shared among parties, and interest is usually not charged on loans.

As a result, the financial sector has emerged from the global crisis remarkably unscathed, and scholars are debating the field’s prospects in the United States.

Kogod Professor Dr. Ghiyath Nakshbendi and Dr. John Willoughby of the College of Arts & Sciences will join panelists John Vogel of Patton Boggs and Shaykh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, Chief Shariah Officer for the on-campus event.

The panel discussion will take place on Thursday, October 29 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. in KSB234.