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Kogod in the Media/September 2009

Faculty, Programs, & Quotes

Kogod Professor Robin Lumsdaine Quoted in American Banker
Robin Lumsdaine, Crown Prince of Bahrain Professor of International Finance, was recently quoted in an American Banker article titled "Reshaping of Basel II Begins with FASB Push." Lumsdaine, who previously worked in the Federal Reserve's Banking Supervision and Regulation division, was interviewed about a request for comment put out by the federal banking regulators last week regarding the adoption of new FASB accounting standards. The industry has requested a three-year phase-in period for compliance. "I can understand why they might want three years," said Lumsdaine. "Some firms could have difficulty making the necessary modifications, collecting the data and performing the computations in a timely fashion." (09/02/09)

Kogod Professor Peter Beck offers his expertise on Korea
After an organization of defectors from North Korea say their former home country could conduct its third nuclear test in coming weeks, Reuters caught up with Kogod Professor Peter Becks for his expertise on Korea. In NTI’s (Nuclear Threat Initiative) article, "Defectors Claim North Korea Could Test Another Nuke," Beck outlines, "By being nice, the North wants to relive any pressure they are feeling by the sanctions." Further, "They are also making it pretty clear that they are intent on being a nuclear power." View full article. (09/10/09)

Kogod International Professor Ghiyath Nakshbendi interviewed by Atlantic Radio
Professor Nakshbendi of the International Business Department at Kogod was interviewed by Atlantic Radio of Morocco (La Première Radio "Musique, Info, Eco" Au Maroc).  The 60 minutes interview was focused on the global financial crisis and its impact on developing countries, the current status of the stimulus package and the recovery process. The interview was conducted by Abdessamad Ben Jouda who is on tour through the U.S., on invitation by the U.S. Department of State.  (09/15/09)

Kogod Professor Donald Williamson Quoted on CNBC
Donald Williamson, Kogod School of Business Professor and taxation expert is interviewed for a recent CNBC report titled "Hold On to Your Wallet: Taxes Are Likely to Increase Soon." Professor Williamson weighs in on issues of the mending US economy and determines whether he thinks there will be rising taxes this year. "It’s entirely possible we could see tax increase before the end of 2009," said Williamson. "This could be in connection with health care reform or to help pay for tax provisions set to expire this year." View full article. (09/18/09)

Kogod Professor Ghiyath Nakshbendi interviewed on Today with Beverly Anderson Manley radio show
Professor Nakshbendi of the International Business Department at Kogod School of Business was a guest on “TODAY with Beverley Anderson Manley”, a live program produced by the former First Lady of Jamaica, from Kingston, Jamaica on HOT 102 FM Station. The 15- minute interview was focused on the G-20 Summit on September 24 and 25 in Pittsburgh, PA. He is a frequent guest of the program. (09/24/09)

Kogod Professor Ghiyath Nakshbendi interviewed on MBN radio show
Professor Nakshbendi of Kogod School of Business was a guest on , "Free Hour", an hour long weekly program produced by Alhurra Television, The Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc. (MBN) in a live interview on the day of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, PA. His role was to provide insight and analysis of what this will mean to the Middle East and North Africa Region in terms of G20's agenda. He participated in the show with two other panelists, Dr. Desmond Lachman of the American Enterprise Institute and Mr. James Roberts of the Heritage Foundation, both are think tanks located in Washington, D.C. (09/24/09)

Bonnie Auslander, Center for Business Communications Director, has commentary featured on WAMU
Bonnie Auslander's commentary on the joys of being a bad knitter aired recently on WAMU's Metro Connection, a local news magazine that includes human interest and other features from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The show, which is hosted and produced by David Furst, has been on WAMU since 1995 and currently airs weekly on Fridays at 1:00 p.m. Auslander's radio commentaries have previously aired on Living on Earth, a weekly environmental news program distributed by Public Radio International to 300 public radio stations across the U.S. Living on Earth airs in nine of the top 10 radio markets. As Director of the Center for Business Communications, Auslander works with students to help them become better writers, speakers, thinkers, and readers.  Listen to interview.  (09/25/09)