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Faculty Awarded for Merit in Teaching, Service, Research

Michel Robe and Sue Marcum were two of the faculty members awarded.

At the start of a new academic year, Kogod has paused to reflect on the accomplishments of faculty members in the last year.

Thirty faculty members were recognized at a faculty and staff meeting on Tuesday for their contributions in research, teaching, and service.

Kogod awarded 25 tenure and tenure-track faculty with merit awards; five term faculty also received awards.

Tenured and tenure-track faculty earn merit awards through evaluations by department chairs and the Kogod deans. They must earn the highest rating of "excellent" to receive an award in research, teaching, or service.

For excellence in research, recognized faculty include: 

  • H. Kent Baker – Finance and Real Estate
  • Erran Carmel – Information Technology
  • Parthiban David – Management
  • Alberto Espinosa – Information Technology
  • Robert Hauswald – Finance and Real Estate
  • Gwanhoo Lee – Information Technology
  • Gerald Martin – Finance and Real Estate
  • Edward Wasil – Information Technology

For teaching merit, Kogod recognized: 

  • Ajay Adhikari – Accounting
  • H. Kent Baker – Finance and Real Estate
  • Wendy Boland – Marketing
  • Robin Lumsdaine – Finance and Real Estate
  • Ayman Omar – International Business
  • Michel Robe – Finance and Real Estate 
  • Robert Thompson - Accounting
  • Donald Williamson – Accounting

On the basis of service, Kogod recognized: 

  • H. Kent Baker – Finance and Real Estate
  • Peter Chinloy – Finance and Real Estate
  • William DeLone – Information Technology
  • Heather Elms – International Business
  • Alberto Espinosa – Information Technology
  • Sonya Grier – Marketing
  • Leigh Riddick – Finance and Real Estate
  • Michel Robe – Finance and Real Estate
  • Robert Thompson – Accounting
  • Donald Williamson – Accounting

Term faculty recipients include: 

  • Sheila Bedford – Accounting
  • Philip English – Finance and Real Estate
  • Emily Lindsay – Accounting
  • Sue Marcum – Accounting
  • Robert Sicina – International Business

Finance Professor H. Kent Baker received all three merit awards. Baker has written over 200 articles and 350 book reviews. His areas of expertise include corporate finance, corporate governance, and behavioral finance.