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Kogod in the Media/August 2010

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Kogod Professor Analyzes Buffet's Recent Ventures
Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported that Berkshire Hathaway Inc. recently increased its investment in Johnson & Johnson by purchasing shares sold by Chairman Warren Buffet during the financial crisis. Buffet used his gain from Johnson & Johnson to invest in the stock market and purchase companies.

Interviewed for this article, Kogod finance professor Gerald Martin believes, "this kind of tells me that he's comfortable with the cash position now at Berkshire. He's starting to building back up in the investments he wants to be in – Johnson & Johnson and, of course, the new Fiserv." He continued that "these support firms are going to have to ramp up when financial services come back…you get the benefit of what happens to the whole segment." View full article (08/17/2010)

Finance Professor Analyzes Buffet’s Increased Stake in Johnson & Johnson
Legendary investor Warren Buffet has expanded his portfolio yet again. Currently, Berkshire Hathaway owns 43.5 million shares of Johnson & Johnson, an exponential increase from the previous quarter.

Kogod finance professor Gerald Martin has tracked Buffet’s investment history and concludes, “J&J is probably one of the companies he looks at as worth a real long-term investment…This may be one of Berkshire's core holdings in the future.”

Berkshire increased its stake in Johnson & Johnson during the health care products company’s recall of several medications. View Full Article (8/16/10)