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Finance Professor Gets Top Marks

By Lindsey Anderson

Kent Baker

Finance Professor H. Kent Baker was ranked second among top financial education authors for contributions to two premiere financial education journals.

A study published in the journal Managerial Finance ranked authors by the number of articles they contributed in the past three decades to two top financial education journals, Journal of Financial Education and Financial Practice and Education. Baker had 13 appearances, with nine appearances in the last 20 years alone.

"As a finance professor, I've always stressed the link between teaching and research," Baker told the Journal of Financial Education and Financial Practice and Education. "One area of my research interest has been financial education. Thus, over my career I've contributed scholarly articles to the major financial education journals."

The study also looked at the authors' appearances in 23 "high-impact" financial journals — what they call the leading finance journals such as Journal of Finance, Financial Analysts Journal, and Journal of Corporate Finance. Baker had 18 high impact appearances.

"My hope is that this research has had a positive impact on the finance profession and has helped in educating students interested in finance," Baker said.

Kam C. Chan of Western Kentucky University was ranked No. 1 with 15 appearances.