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Peruvian Alum Finds Professional Success and Personal Fulfillment

By Jesse Chimes

Alberto Gasha, MBA '07

Alberto Gasha, MBA '07

Alberto Gasha, MBA ’07, has a knack for finance—but money isn’t the only thing on his mind. Four years after completing his MBA, he is the vice president of finance for COFIDE, a leading development and investment banking firm in Peru.

But ask him what his true passion is, and he will tell you about the information systems course he teaches at his alma mater, Universidad del Pacífico in Lima.

“I feel I’m reaching one of my biggest goals in life by passing on my personal and professional experiences to new generations,” he said. “I’m applying what I learned from my studies at Kogod to prepare future IT engineers.”

He recalled doing IT consulting for established companies as part of a Kogod class project, and said that’s the kind of experience he wants to provide for his students.

“Even though most of my professional career has been focused in finance, I’ve always been interested in topics related to information systems, technology, and process design,” Gasha said.

When Gasha isn’t giving lectures to undergraduates, he’s making major financial decisions for COFIDE and its clients. His current project involves creating a financing plan for a national petroleum company to renovate their primary refinery—and analyzing alternative financing methods to fund future projects.

Professional Accomplishments

Before joining COFIDE, Gasha worked for Fannie Mae’s Functional Development Teams Division, where he helped to bridge the communication gap between the firm’s business and software development divisions. From there he was offered a position in Peru as an Assistant Manager of Corporate Finance with Latin Pacific Capital, a leading investment bank.

Gasha credits his time at Kogod with providing him the knowledge and skills he needed to become successful early in his career.

“Although no one can really know where [they] would have ended up had they chosen a different path, I strongly believe that the success of my professional life is the direct result of my Kogod experience,” he said.

In March of this year, he attended the New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell Ceremony as a part of Peru’s delegation for the NYSE second annual “Peru Day.”

“Being on that balcony in Wall Street was amazing,” he said. “As a financial professional, and considering that New York is the financial capital of the world, that experience is one of my most memorable moments.”