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Kogod Student Jumpstarts Career with
White House Internship

By Alexa Marie Kelly

Kaelyn Lynch, BSBA '14

Kaelyn Lynch, BSBA '14, interned for First Lady Michelle Obama, handling a myriad of duties.

Kaelyn Lynch has managed White House volunteers, controlled chaos during an East Room event, and written letters on behalf of First Lady Michelle Obama.

But Lynch, BSBA '14, isn't a full-time White House staffer. In fact, she's still a college student, due to complete her degree this December.

Lynch interned for Mrs. Obama from January through May 2014.

"She's an extremely humble woman to work for," Lynch said.

Near the end of her internship, Lynch ensured reporters knew where to go and what to look for during the Turnaround Arts Talent Show.

Student performers from across the country dazzled audiences at this first of its kind event. The show combined Lynch's passions for education and marketing. The event's guiding principle: Arts create student success.

"I value education. It's something I hold very closely and being at the event brought everything full circle," Lynch said.

Dancers, singers and even xylophone stars shared the stage in the East Room of the White House. The talent show highlighted how the arts can help "turnaround" academics at vulnerable schools across the country.

"The work that I was doing, and that the First Lady does, really is important and affects kids," Lynch said.

The First Lady’s office spans six departments, which all coordinate to serve Mrs. Obama's goals. Lynch explored two areas, customer relations and press.

Her business classes challenged her to problem-solve and work well with others, skills she needed as a White House Intern.

"Kogod paved my way to the White House," she said.

The annual Kogod Case Competition also provided Lynch with valuable experience. Each year, students strategize to solve a business dilemma.

"The competition represents in the work world how you might get a problem, and find ways to tackle the problem in a time frame," Lynch said. "It helped prepare me for things I faced everyday at the White House."

Lynch now works as an intern for the Democratic National Committee. Though Lynch is not sure about her post-graduation plans, she knows her experiences in the nation's capital will lead to a fulfilling career path. Her networking connections won't hurt either.

"DC, it's an international hub. You meet so many people," she said.