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By the Numbers: Breaking Down the 23rd Kogod Case Competition

By Laura Herring and Sam Kauffmann

This year's client for the annual Kogod Case Competition is the internationally known ride-hailing service Uber.

Uber first launched in Washington, D.C. in December of 2011, and within a year we were the company’s third largest market, behind San Francisco and New York. Although the city already had multiple transportation services like cars on demand, the Metro and taxi cabs, Uber flourished due to residents' dissatisfaction with the available services.

A recent study named the Washington, D.C. metro region the most Uber-friendly city in the world. However, as Uber’s popularity grows so does its negative press, including charges of sexism, hostility towards journalists, and criticism for its "surge pricing" that increases rates in times of higher demand, to name a few.

This year's challenge is for students to develop a strategy that will continue to grow Uber's success, specifically in the D.C. market, over the next five years. Uber's senior management team has asked that teams focus on both increasing ridership and on protecting the Uber brand.

The competition will take place on Saturday, February 7, 2015.

Case Competition Infographic