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Sophomores Plan for Today and Tomorrow

By Kali Linette

Faculty member speaks to a student.

Faculty member speaks to a student.

In college, sophomore year marks a milestone in students' lives. That holds true for students at American University's Kogod School of Business. No longer adjusting to the college environment, sophomores find a new set of expectations in the classroom along with the pressure of deciding their futures.

Some sophomores know from day one what they want to major in, but others are unsure. Trying to decide on a college was hard enough, but picking a major can be even tougher. And don’t even get started on postgraduate plans.

To combat the uncertainty of picking a major, faculty and staff from each of the six school's at AU come together for one night in the fall semester at a "chart your academic future" event. Each year this event is held to help sophomores evaluate their academic options. Students mingle with faculty asking questions and learning about the different programs each school has to offer.

"This is the year you will be making commitments," said AU President Neil Kerwin in his opening remarks. Kerwin encouraged students to speak to as many faculty and staff members as possible to see what each school has to offer.

Looking past undergraduate years, sophomores begin to think about their life aspirations in regards to a big picture. The "chart your academic future" event also helps students map out options for their postgraduate careers. From graduate school to entering the workforce, deans, associate deans and department chairs were there to allay students’ fears and work with them on pinpointing options and making goals.

Faculty members from each Kogod department attended to speak to students about classes at Kogod and how to prepare for a career in business after college. Students learned about the different programs in Kogod and how they can benefit from them after graduation. Students also discussed graduate school options with Kogod faculty and how a Master’s from Kogod can put them on the track to success.

Focusing on what students can do during college to help them after school is the faculties' goal. Sophomores that attended the "chart you academic future" event gained an advantage that will serve them during and beyond their college years.