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Startup Hub Helps Intern Reach Potential

By Jordan-Marie Smith

SOC Claire Shrlver

New startups are created every day, but who is helping to connect them with the resources needed to succeed? School of Communication junior and Public Communication major Claire Shriver is learning first-hand about entrepreneurial success as the 1776 Dean’s Intern.

According to Shriver, 1776 serves as a global hub helping startups gain industry recognition, collaborate with community members, and perfect their brand. The 1776 Campus includes co-working and mentorship programs for hundreds of startups and an events venue rapidly becoming the center of the DC startup community.

“I basically work on promotion for 1776. I also do a lot of media work, in which I interview startups for the 1776 website to help promote their business,” Shriver said.

In addition to her PR-specific work, Shriver also pitches and writes news stories related to education, energy, smart cities, government, and technology.

According to Shriver, her experience as the editor-in-chief of American University’s “Her Campus” chapter and as vice president of AU’s Social Media Club has helped develop her writing and PR skills for online media.

“I feel like it’s a combination of the school and classes giving me the resources to know what to do and how to apply that knowledge,” Shriver said. “I’ve met some really great people, great professors and great leaders, both those that have graduated and those that are still here, that really taught me a lot.”

Shriver specifically remembers her COMM-301 Public Relations class with Professor Pallavi Kumar preparing her for the projects she works on with 1776.

“When I’m at my internship and they ask, ‘Hey, can you write a press release?’ it’s no problem because I've already learned those skills in the classroom,” Shriver said. “I don’t think there’s been a class at SOC that hasn’t developed my skills.”