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Kogod in the Media/April 2009

Faculty, Programs, & Quotes

Dean Durand quoted in Deans Digest
Kogod Dean Richard Durand commented on the trends facing business schools in spring 2009. In particular, he commented on application trends, “We’re up—way up. As in 70-85 percent up.” He also went on to further point out that AU’s offering of dual degree tracks, both within Kogod and in conjunction with other AU schools had contributed to this increase.

Additionally, Dean Durand acknowledged the impact of the economy on career placements, “I’m investing heavily in corporate recruiting”. To this end, Kogod has devoted more staff to promotion of the school and its programs to corporate representatives.  View the full article (4/21/09)

Kogod Professor Robin Lumsdaine quoted in American Banker
Professor Lumsdaine was recently quoted in the American Banker article, "Basel II May Be Replaced Before It's Full in Force" regarding potential changes the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision might consider making to the Basel II accord, such as including an international leverage ratio.  

Lumsdaine commented about the balance between important prudential safeguards and maintaining Basel II's risk sensitivity going forward. "I worry about [Basel II reforms] not continuing down a risk-sensitive path," said Lumsdaine. "If you think about the benefit of a blunt tool versus something that's risk-sensitive, a blunt tool can offer some protection in bad economic times, but it doesn't give you a glimpse of the risk the institution is facing, which you also need to know."  View the full article (4/17/09)

Kogod Associate Dean Lawrence Ward Comments on MBA Re-Evaluation
In light of the current economic climate and the financial crisis, Kogod Dean Lawrence Ward believes in emphasizing business fundamentals. As schools all over the country are re-evaluating the MBA focus and program offerings, he comments, “All schools have a responsibility to emphasize decision-making. If we’re not helping students understand the implications and dimensions of all the decisions that they make, then we’re not doing an effective job as a program.”

The re-evaluation is also of significance given that a recessionary economic trend generally leads to an increase in business school applications. View the full article (4/17/09)

Kogod’s Master of Science in Finance Highlighted in BusinessWeek Magazine
Kogod’s Master of Science in Finance (MSF) is emerging as a popular choice for students contemplating dual degrees with other schools. Forty percent of MSF candidates are pursuing another graduate degree at American University.

As one graduate student remarks, “For someone who has a background in engineering or something else, an MBA is great…But for someone else like myself who already knows where their interest lies, [the MSF] was clearly the right path."

In contrast with the MBA, the MSF degree offers increased coursework in financial and quantitative analysis and does not require a requisite number of years of work experience. Kogod’s first MSF class will graduate in May. View the full article in BusinessWeek. (4/7/09)

Professor Ghiyath F. Nakshbendi makes television appearance in Dubai
Professor Nakshbendi of Kogod School of Business was a guest on “TODAY” show, on April 1, 2009, a live program produced by AlHurrah Television, which broadcast from Dubai, UAE. On the eve of the G20 Summit in London, his role was to provide insight and analysis of what this will mean in terms of Obama's economic stimulus plan and the effect it will have on a global scale (specifically with regards to business in the Arab World). He participated in the show with two other panelists, one a professor from The Sorbonne, Paris and one from Jeddah. (4/1/09)

Professor Ghiyath F. Nakshbendi interviewed about G20 meeting
Professor Nakshbendi of the International Business Department at Kogod School of Business was a guest on “TODAY with Beverley Anderson Manley”, a live program produced by the former First Lady of Jamaica, from Kingston, Jamaica on HOT 102 FM Station. The 20 minute interview was conducted on April 1, 2009, and it focused on the G20 meeting in London on April 2, 2009. This is his second appearance on the said program. (4/1/09)

Kogod Finance Professor Leigh Riddick Interviewed on the Economy
Kogod Finance Professor Leigh Riddick was recently interviewed on the the situation facing the automotive industry. She commented on various possible government responses to General Motor’s request for a further USD 16.6 billion in federal assistance, saying that, “In my judgment, the government should wait until this restructuring has been agreed to before making a decision about giving additional funds to GM. Without significant debt forgiveness and restructuring, the loan will not be enough to save GM.”

Additionally, she believes that Chrysler while in better shape is still subject to similar pressures. But “a reorganization will be needed in this case, also, before we will have any assurance that giving the firm more money will help.”

Professor Riddick feels strongly that a restructuring of the industry is the first step and that a formal reorganization would help as market forces would determine company survival. View the full article (4/1/09)