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Statement of Purpose

Organizations are in constant pursuit of growth and opportunity. Discovering new markets to gain and maintain an advantage is something companies, public and private, fervently hope they can achieve. Markets in every region of the globe represent new venture opportunities for public and private investors, NGOs and foundations. Understanding how to operate effectively and efficiently in these markets requires creating a new playbook that blends traditional business acumen with completely new paradigms.

American University's Kogod Global Management Institute (KGMI) is designed to help individuals and their organizations take their ambition for global growth and operationalize it. Managing and mitigating risk, establishing global supply chains, and launching a technology infrastructure is only the beginning.

What adjustments to corporate social responsibility and corporate governance policies need to be made in a global context? How do organizations contend with evolving or undefined intellectual property laws? What will be your level of engagement with local financial institutions?

We push participants to consider these issues and many more through classroom discussion, case analysis, and direct access to leaders and their organizations working in the field today.

Kogod faculty are engaged across disciplines in diverse and dynamic research and draw upon decades of relevant real world experience to ensure Institute participants gain the greatest insight possible during their time at American University.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the next Kogod Global Management Institute class.

Frank DuBois
Director, Kogod Global Management Institute
Kogod School of Business International Business Department Chair and
Associate Professor


Global Management
Institute Leadership

Professor Frank DuBois

Professor Frank DuBois, who chairs the International Business Department, is an expert on global supply chain management.

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