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Global Emerging Market - Business

There are three Global Emerging Market Career Tracks including Business, Finance and Information Technology.

The Global Emerging Market MBA Career Track is designed to give students the skills and tools to understand how to do business in the global emerging market and is recommended for students who wish to develop specialized regional and country expertise and foreign language skills.

The Global Emerging Markets Career Track - Business is 12 credit hours.

Core Courses

  • IBUS-746 - Global Emerging Market (3)

  • IBUS-747 Doing Business in Different National and Cultural Environments (1.5)

Chose 7.5 credits from the following:

  • IBUS-685 - Topics in International Business

  • IBUS-704 - Strategic and Organizational Challenges for the Multinational Enterprise (3)

  • IBUS-741 - International Technology Transfer (1.5)

  • IBUS-744 - International Dimensions in Management: Study Abroad Project (3)

  • IBUS-748 - Management in Emerging Markets (1.5)

  • SIS-539 - Comparative Development Strategies (3)

  • SIS-579 - Selected Regional and Country Studies (3)

  • Approved SIS graduate level course

  • Approved graduate level foreign language course

Download: The Global Emerging Market Career Track - Business Checksheet