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Marketing Research MBA Career Track

The Marketing Research MBA career track is designed to prepare students for careers in the marketing research field, either with marketing research suppliers or with companies that use research to improve marketing decision making. Students learn the psychological foundations of buyer behavior, the principles of designing survey questionnaires, the fundamentals of analyzing survey data, and the appropriate use of statistical techniques and computer software to analyze research data.

The Marketing Research Career Track is 10.5 credit hours.

Learn more: Listen to the Marketing Research Career Track Information Session

Required Courses

  • MKTG-761 - Buyer Behavior (1.5)

  • MKTG-764 - Survey Methods in Marketing Research (1.5)

  • MKTG-766 - Qualitative Methods in Marketing Research (1.5)

Choose 3.0 credits from the following

  • MKTG-754 - Database Marketing (1.5)

  • MKTG-755 - Applied Market Segmentation (1.5)

  • MKTG-XXX - Marketing elective (1.5-3.0)

Choose 3.0 credits from the following

  • STAT-515 - Regression (3)

  • STAT-516 - Design of Experiments (3)

  • STAT-520 - Applied Mutivariate Analysis (3)

  • STAT-521 - Analysis of Frequency Data (3)

Download: The Marketing Research Career Track Checklist