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Blackboard 9.1 for Graduate Students

Most of your professors will use Blackboard, an interactive Web-based course-management system, in their classes. Kogod Graduate Programs also has a Blackboard site for each academic program that includes useful information about your degree.

Even if you used Blackboard at your undergraduate institutions, you may not be familiar with the new Blackboard 9.1 in use at Kogod.

You can log in at Do not be alarmed if you do not yet see all your courses – your professors may not upload information until the start of the semester.

To familiarize yourself with Blackboard 9.1 and ensure that you use the system to its fullest potential in your classes, please watch this brief tutorial video.

Blackboard 9.1 for Students

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If you are a student using Blackboard this year, this is the place to get started. Take a few minutes and let us show you how a few things have changed in Blackboard to make this semester go a little smoother.

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