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Faculty and Research

Spring 2013

BP Challenge a "Hail Mary"
Senior Professorial Lecturer Daniel Jacobs spoke with the Financial Times on BP's challenge of a recent district court ruling. Read Full Article (7/21/13)

All Part of the Same Tax Ecosystem
Managing Director of the Kogod Tax Center David Kautter explains why corporations care about tax reform to Bloomberg. Read Full Article (7/18/13)

Complicated Car Labels
Associate Professor Frank DuBois questions cars labeled "Made in America" in The Columbus Dispatch. Read Full Article (7/6/13)

Federal Reserve to Slow Bond Buying
In an interview with Fox-5 News, Executive-in-Residence Mark Waldman encourages calm in the aftermath of Federal Reserve Chair Bernanke's statement on the anticipated slow down in the bond buying market. Watch Video (6/21/13)

Financial Literacy in Pop Culture
University Professor H. Kent Baker spoke with CardHub on the role of social media in developing financial literacy. Read Article (6/20/13)

Buy American: Finding the Right Car
Associate Professor Frank DuBois tells how the Kogod Made in America Auto Index determines auto origins. Read Article (6/19/13)

Chinese President to Visit Latin America
Executive-in-Residence Robert Sicina spoke with CCTV America (6:40) about the implications of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Latin America. Watch Video (6/3/13)

Obesity Rates Linked to School Geography
Associate Professor Sonya Grier's research linking the proximity of fast food restaurants to primary schools and student obesity rates in Red Orbit. Read Article (5/30/13)

Real Dunder Mifflin Paper? | TIME
Assistant Professor Cristel Russell looks at the use of television brands in the real world for TIME Magazine. Read Article (5/16/13)

Making Sense of the New Investment Income Tax | The Wall Street Journal
David Kautter, managing director of the Kogod Tax Center, explains the investment income tax that goes into effect in 2013 to readers of The Wall Street Journal. Read Article (4/27/13)

Data Investigation | Reuters
Executive-in-Residence James Moser reflects on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's internal investigation into their data sharing practices with Reuters. Read Article (4/27/13)

Can LivingSocial Get Its Mojo Back?
Associate Professor Gwanhoo Lee shares his thoughts on how the discount deal group needs to change to stay alive in the market in The Washington Business Journal. Read Article (4/26/13)

True Representation
The Motley Fool investment website praises Associate Professor Frank DuBois's Made in America auto index for highlighting "American" cars in a more accurate way than other indexes. Read Article (4/21/13)

Convenience or Conflict of Interest?
Professor Gopal Krishnan looks at the ethics of firms doing taxes and audits for the same client for Accounting Today. Read Article (4/15/13)

Taking Care of the Taxman | Reuters
Managing Director of the Kogod Tax Center David Kautter shares tips for filing for a tax extension and developing a payment plan. Read Article (4/11/13)

Baby Boomers Paying Lion's Share of Taxes | New York Times
David Kautter explains why Americans ages 55-65 pay more in taxes than any other age group on the New York Times Booming blog. Read Article (4/11/13)

How American is Your Car? | Autoweek
Associate Professor Frank DuBois examines global manufacturing's impact on the auto industry with his new Made in America Auto Index, featured in Autoweek. Read Article (4/11/13)

Rolling Heads: Why is Leadership Turnover so High for Fannie Mae?
Associate Professor Mark Clark comments on the mortgage financier's rate of 24 executives in five years for The Washington Business Journal. Read Article (4/3/13)

Engaging the Extrovert | Entrepreneur
Executive-in-Residence Meredith Persily Lamel shares tips for how to manage extroverted employees with Entrepreneur Magazine online. Read Article (4/1/13)

Moving Forward from Cypriot Banking Crisis
Robin Lumsdaine, Crown Prince of Bahrain Professor of International Finance, takes a look at how the Cyprus bank bailout will effect Cypriot banks moving ahead on the FinWeb Blog for HN Slovakia. Read Article (3/27/13)

Cyprus Bailout: What's Next? | The New York Times TimesCast
Crown Prince of Bahrain Professor of International Finance Robin Lumsdaine explains the Cyprus banking bailout and what it means for the country's future on The New York Times TimesCast. Watch Video (3/25/13)

Save Money With Often Overlooked Tax Exemptions
On Men's Health Money News blog, Managing Director of the Kogod Tax Center David Kautter outlines five ways to save on taxes that most people miss. Read Article (3/11/13)

How Green is Your Degree? | Washington Post Express
Senior Professorial Lecturer Daniel Jacobs explains the advantages of the MS in Sustainability to The Washington Post Express. Read Article (3/11/13)

Time Zone Technicalities | The Indianapolis Star
Professor Erran Carmel weighs in on the time zone and DST debate in Indiana in The Indianapolis Star. Read Article (3/9/13)

Despite Strong Opening Days, BP Trial Expected to Last Weeks | The Financial Times
Senior Professorial Lecturer Daniel Jacobs weighs in on the skillful opening maneuvers in the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill trial. Read Article (3/1/13)

Feeling the Pinch at the Pump | Washington Examiner
Higher prices at the gas pump are the average consumer's barometer for the economy, according to Executive-in-Residence Mark Waldman. Read Article (2/23/13)

How Sequestration Will Impact the Family Budget | Parenting Magazine
On Parenting Magazine's blog, Executive-in-Residence David Kautter points out where families can expect to see spending changes if sequestration goes into effect. Read Article (2/22/13)

Keeping Tax Reform on Point | POLITICO
Executive-in-Residence David Kautter comments on where tax reform is headed in 2013. Read Article (2/2/13)

What Sequestration Means to the DVM Area | D.C. Fox 5
Executive-in-Residence Mark Waldman explains to D.C. Fox 5 how the government's proposed sequestration plan will trickle down to area residents. Watch Video (2/2/13)

Learning the Ropes on the Hill | POLITICO
Executive-in-Residence Meredith Persily Lamel shares her staffing and budget tips usually reserved for incoming Congress members with POLITICO. Read Article (1/17/13)

Why is AIG Thinking About Suing the U.S. Government? | U.S. News & World Report
Professor Robin Lumsdaine discusses why AIG may be considering suing the U.S. government and the unforeseen profits of the bailout. Read Article (1/9/13)

The Career Implications of Calling in Sick | WUSA9
Executive-in-Residence Meredith Persily-Lamel discusses how employees should handle sick days with their managers on WUSA9. Read Article (1/8/13)

Shanahan Made Most of "Human Capital" | Washington Business Journal
Professor Mark Clark defends Shanahan's choice to keep RGIII in the game to Washington Business Journal. Read Article (1/7/13)

Bank Liquidity Shifts Show Regulators May Be Easing Up | Law360
Professor Robin Lumsdaine comments on the announced changes to the Basel Committee’s liquidity rules in Law360. View Article (1/7/2013)

The Tax Code and the Fiscal Cliff | C-SPAN
On C-SPAN, Professor Donald Williamson explains the "fiscal cliff" legislation approved by Congress and what was in the deal, including tax breaks for NASCAR and plug-in scooters. Read Article (1/7/13)

New Taxes to Take Effect to Fund Health Care Law | NY Times
In a recent NY Times article, David Kautter of the Kogod Tax Center discusses the tax hikes that affluent Americans will face in order to fund the Affordable Care Act. View Article (12/8/12)

Attention Shoppers: Watch Out For 'Up To' Savings Claims | TODAY
In a recent TODAY article, Professor Manoj Hastak explains that consumers must be weary of 'up to' sale language, because these ads can often be misleading. View Article (12/4/12)


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