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Faculty and Research

Fall 2014

Black Friday Blues
Here's a novel idea for Black Friday —why not take the day off from shopping? Cristel Russell explains the benefits in a Fox 5 interview about the state of the economy. Watch Video (11/28/14)

Don't Break the Bank
Just in time for the holiday season, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs Wendy Boland gave WalletHub readers tips on how to avoid overspending. Read Full Article (11/24/14)

Taking a Break
Year-end taxes can be a nightmare for small businesses. Kogod Tax Center Executive Director Donald Williamson shared tips with Wall Street Journal subscribers on how to make the most of repair deductions. Read Full Article (11/21/14)

Building a Strong Case 
Professor Gerald Martin spoke with about how whistleblowers help prosecute white collar criminals. Read Full Article (11/18/14)

Filing for the Future
Can you lower your taxes with a two-year plan? Kogod Tax Center Executive Director Donald Williamson weighs in with the Wall Street Journal, in an article for the paper’s subscribers. Read Full Article (11/14/14)

A Fresh Start 
Associate Professor Kimberly Cornaggia advised Card Hub readers on how to avoid bankruptcy. Read Full Article (10/24/14)

Keeping in Step 
Get off the couch and on your feet. NBC Nightly News spoke with Associate Professor Cristel Russell about fitness bracelets and the power of measuring our steps. Watch Video (10/19/14)

Death and Taxes
Should "middle class millionaires" get more tax breaks? Executive Director of the Kogod Tax Center Donald Williamson explores the region's estate taxes in The Hill. Read Full Article (10/17/14)

Delay Tactics
Why do people procrastinate on their taxes? Politico asked Managing Director of the Kogod Tax Center David Kautter about six-month tax extensions. Read Full Article (10/10/14)

Refresher Course
Professor Ajay Adhikari spoke with US News &World Report on the importance of reviewing quantitative skills before starting graduate school. Read Full Article (10/2/14)

On-Campus Research
Assistant Dean for Digital Initiatives and New Programs Jill Klein spoke with BizEd magazine about her on-going research on female board members. Read Full Article (10/1/14)

Incubator Launch
The Washington Post showcased Kogod's new Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative and Incubator. Read Full Article (9/25/14) 

Business Leaders
Kogod Dean Erran Carmel was included in an interview with other new business deans in the D.C. metro in the Washington Post. Read Full Article (9/14/14)

Time Zone Dilemmas
Kogod Dean Erran Carmel spoke with the BBC regarding the difficulties employees face when working across time zones. Read Full Article (8/20/14)

Legal Tax Evasion?
Donald Williamson, executive director of the Kogod Tax Center, examined new IRS rules allowing for taxable corporate tax income in The Hill. Read Full Article (8/15/14)

Making Small Talk
Assistant Professor Alexandra Mislin explored how gender differences impact chit chat before negotiations in the Wall Street Journal. Read Full Article (8/6/14)

Lock-Step Program
Assistant Dean for Digital Initiatives and New Programs Jill Klein spoke with the New York Times about the convenience of Kogod's Professional MBA. Read Full Article (8/1/14)


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