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Faculty and Research

Spring 2015

Overwhelming Tax Burden
The Washington Business Journal quoted Professor Don Williamson's testimony on the tax burden facing small businesses before the House Small Business Committee. Read the Full Article (7/22/15)

Ethical Labor Sources
Dean Erran Carmel spoke to VICE News regarding "impact sourcing," or the practice of paying prison inmates for corporate services. Read Full Article (7/21/15)

Tax Breaks for Married Couples
Donald Williamson, Executive Director of the Kogod Tax Policy Center, spoke to the Wall Street Journal regarding the portability of estate tax exemptions in new IRS rules. Read Full Article (7/10/15)

Pension Plans and Tax Breaks
Professor Donald Williamson spoke with the Washington Post about Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's pension plan for his corporate employees. Read Full Article (7/2/15)

Not Quite American Made
Associate Professor Frank DuBois spoke with CNNMoney about his Kogod Made in America Auto Index and what makes a vehicle "American." Read Full Article (7/2/15)

Protecting Your Identity
In an op-ed for The Hill, Professor Donald Williamson outlines the best precautions for avoid tax-related identity theft. Read Full Article (6/24/15)

Wal-Mart's International Assets
Don Williamson, executive director of the Kogod Tax Policy Center, spoke with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on how the corporation's international assets impact its taxes. Read Full Article (6/18/15)

Stable Markets cites Associate Professor Valentina Bruno's research on global liquidity. Read Full Article (6/17/15)

Small Talk Equals Big Profits
The UK's Daily Mail explored Associate Professor Alex Mislin's research on the benefits of making small talk before negotiations. Read Full Article (6/16/15)

Made in America
Associate Professor Frank DuBois calculates the most American car in his annual index, examined by Car and Driver. Read Full Article (6/8/15)

Business in the Capital
Dean Erran Carmel spoke to the Washington Business Journal about the new initiative and its new leadership, Robert Sweeny. Read Full Article (4/29/15)

Test of Financial Literacy
Assistant Professor Larry Schrenk stresses the importance of knowing the terms of personal finance in WalletHub. Read Full Article (4/27/15)

Housing Reform
Donald Williamson, executive director of the Kogod Tax Center, spoke with the Mexico Ledger about proposed tax reforms to affordable housing and its potential roadblocks. Read Full Article (4/16/15)

Let's Make a Deal
Executive-in-Residence John Simson takes a look at the complicated new deal structures between record labels and streaming services in Forbes. Read Full Article (4/15/15)

Early Retirement?
Professor Robin Lumsdaine examines the correlation between having grandchildren and the age of retirement for women in the University Herald. Read Full Article (4/14/15)

Tax Time
Assistant Professor Shuai Ma spoke with about how 2015 is different from other years where tax filing is concerned. Read Full Article (4/13/15)

Last Minute Taxes
Professor Donald Williamson tells taxpayers what they can do now to save on taxes before the deadline in an op-ed for The Hill. Read Full Article (4/2/15)

No Weak Links
Assistant Professor Ayman Omar shared best practices for supply chain management with Supply Chain Opz. Read Full Article (2/18/15)

Time for a New Car?
Associate Professor Frank DuBois outlined why now is the prime time to make this big purchase for WalletHub readers. Read Full Article (2/11/15)

Financial Value
Professor Jeffrey Harris, Gary D. Cohn Goldman Sachs Chair in Finance, spoke with U.S. News and World Report on the importance of a Master of Science in Finance. Read Full Article (2/9/15)

Increased Scrutiny
Professor Donald Williamson examined how the Alibaba-Yahoo split falls within the boundaries of tax law. Read Full Article (1/28/15)


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