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Take STEPs - Safety Takes Every Person

Evacuation Procedures

All occupants are required to evacuate the building immediately when a fire alarm sounds or some other evacuation signal is given. Use the nearest exit to leave the building and proceed to Kogod's meeting place which is the Quad in front of Kogod and Kay Spiritual Life Center. Further instructions will be provided here if needed.

Individual office personnel will turn of personal computers to protect University data from possible damage.

The last person to leave an office, classroom, or lab will close and lock the door behind them.

Keep calm. Use the stairwell only (hold on to hand rails). Do not use elevators.

Person(s) with disabilities should be assisted to the stairwell landing. Request assistance from Public Safety or DC Fire Department personnel and direct them to the area where the disabled person(s) is waiting.

In a medical emergency, seriously injured persons should not be moved unless they are in an immediately life threatening situation. If medical assistance is needed, contact public safety (x3636).

Do not smoke. 

Do not panic - walk slowly.

Never attempt to travel through smoke filled or other imminently hazardous areas. If you encounter smoke in the stairwells, close the door and use a different exit.

Never assemble near exits or fire lanes.

Do not return to the evacuated building unless you are told to do so by Public Safety or D.C. Fire Department


Kogod School of Business Resources

  • Front Desk: 202-885-1900
  • Building Marshal, Rene Kauder, 202-885-1915 (Cell: 301-814-4181)
  • Alternate Building Marshal, Erin Phillips, 202-885-1969

American University Resources

  • Emergency Preparedness Website:
  • Get AU Alerts:
  • Public Safety Emergency Phone Number: 202-885-3636
  • Public Safety Non-emergency Phone Number: 202-885-2527
  • American University Facilities Management: 202-885-2FIX (2349)
  • American University Information and Weather Emergency Hotline: 202-885-1100