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Fund Manager - Dan McKenna

The Fund Manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Fund. The Fund Manager leads class discussions and facilitates conversation among the analysts.


Portfolio Manager - Tyler Williams

The Portfolio Manager is responsible for promoting the financial objective of the Fund in accordance with guidelines and policies. The Portfolio Manager ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed about the financial state of the Fund.


Economist - Arras Korogluyan

The Economist is responsible for providing the Fund with macroeconomic research that guides investment analysis and decisions in order to promote the Fund’s financial objectives.


Risk Manager - Emad Alshamy

The Risk Manager is responsible for the financial stability of the portfolio. By calculating standard deviations, stop losses, target prices, and assessing the overall risk the portfolio is exposed to, the Risk Manager ensures that we maintain a well-rounded and hedged position.


Operations Manager - Taylor McCulley

The Operations Manager is responsible for managing all documents related to the Fund’s daily operations and business for documents related to performance, alumni outreach, and investor relations.