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Past Speakers

Past Speakers at the Kogod School of Business

Top Business Leaders

The Alan Meltzer CEO Leadership Speaker Series brings top leaders to campus to provide insight into practical and strategic business issues.

In the past, the Alan Meltzer CEO Leadership Speaker Series has hosted the following business leaders:

Ronnie Mervis
Owner of Mervis Diamond Importers

Steve Greenberg
Founder and CEO of S-Curve Records
Watch the Interview

Rudolf Araneda
CEO of GasAtacama
Watch the Interview

Francesco Vanni d'Archirafi
Chief Executive Officer, Citi Transaction Services

Laura Evans
Chief Experience Officer, The Washington Post
Watch the Interview

Jessica Steel
Executive VP of Business and Corporate Development, Pandora Internet Radio
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Richard T. Clark
Chairman, Merck

Gary D. Cohn
President and Co-Chief Operating Officer, Goldman Sachs

Marie McKee
President and CEO, Steuben Glass

Susan Traver
Managing Director and National Sales Manager, US Trust

Jessica M. Bibliowicz
President and CEO, National Financial Partners

Barry Schuler
Chairman and CEO, Digital Services Development Group, AOL TimeWarner

Brigadier General Andrew B. Davis
Director of Public Relations, U.S. Marine Corps

Barbara Krumsiek
President and CEO, Calvert Group

Knight Kiplinger
Editor in Chief, Kiplinger

Allan Sloan
Wall Street Editor, Newsweek

David Oreck
Chairman, Oreck Corporation

Catherine Meloy
President and CEO, Goodwill Greater Washington

Jim Sud
Executive VP of Growth and Development, Whole Foods Market

William Bailey
Chairman and Founder, Illumen

Steve Shapiro
Managing Member, Caribbean Wireless Holdings

Peter Anthony
CEO, Illumen

Miles Munz
Co-Founder, InterviewStream

Gus Iurillo
Owner, The Entrepreneur's Source/VA

Jim Dinegar
President & CEO of the Greater Washington Board of Trade

Jeffrey Ganek
Chairman and CEO, NeuStar, Inc.

Kenneth Manning
Chairman and CEO, Sensient Technologies

Dean Factor
CEO and Co-Founder, Smashbox Enterprises

Mark Murphy
President and CEO, Green Bay Packers

Eli Futerman
Co-President and CEO, Hahn Automotive Warehouse

Paul Diaz
President and CEO, Kindred Healthcare