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Academic Regulations

All graduate business students must abide by a set of academic regulations in order to complete their degree and remain in good standing. Students should remain in close contact with their academic advisor to ensure they are adhering to all regulations. These include:

Minimum grade point average (GPA)

All graduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA (a “B” average). This is the minimum GPA required to remain in good standing with the University and to graduate.

Passing grade for courses

A “C” or better is a passing grade at the graduate level. If a student earns a “C-“ or lower in any class, the credits for that class will not count toward their degree, but the grade will still affect their cumulative GPA even if the class is retaken. If the class is required for a student’s degree, the same class must be retaken and completed with a passing grade. Otherwise, the student may take any additional eligible class and complete it with a passing grade.

Pass/fail courses

In general, taking a class pass/fail as opposed to an A-F grade is not allowed. There are some classes, however, such as FIN-596 CFA Level I Intensive Review, which may only be taken pass/fail. Under these circumstances, students must achieve “B” level work in order to pass the class.

Academic probation and dismissal

Academic advisors review students’ cumulative GPAs at the end of every semester. Students who fall below the required cumulative 3.0 GPA will either be (1.) placed on academic probation for one semester, after which they must achieve and maintain a 3.0 average or (2.) dismissed from the University.

Incomplete grades

(Incomplete grades are up to the discretion of the faculty member.) Students who take an incomplete for any course have until the end of the next semester to finish the incomplete work. If the work is not complete by that time, the incomplete grade will default to an "F."