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Electives and Concetrations:  Key Questions

What is the best way to go about selecting my electives?

Consider a conversation with a career counselor to determine your goals.  Then set up an appointment to speak with your Graduate Academic Advisor to determine if a concentration area or elective coursework aligns best with your career strategy and interests.

Electives provide choices to:

  • Deepen knowledge in a business function for which there is an academic concentration

  • Broaden business acumen across different areas of knowledge

  • Design a concentration that fits your unique interests in lieu of an existing concentration.

What is a concentration?

A concentration is a cluster of courses that deepen knowledge and/or skills in a functional area of business. Effective in Fall, 2010 Kogod offers the following concentrations:

What are the requirements for a concentration?

A concentration consists of 12 credit hours of coursework tied to an area of knowledge significant to business management. Most concentrations define combinations of required and optional elective courses that make up the 12 credit hour requirement.  The notation of a academic concentration is recorded on your transcript provided all requirements of the concentration are fulfilled. 

Am I required to take a concentration?

No.  A concentration is not required. Every student at KSB may choose any elective course that is offered across all academic disciplines.  Students have maximum flexibility to choose broadly across all disciplines, focus on courses from one or several disciplines, or pursue a functional concentration. Concentrations are ideal for those who have identified and are suited to a career path that requires the knowledge and skills acquired through the concentration. For those have clear direction or desire to work in a particular industry segment, the functional concentration serves as more focused preparation for entry jobs.

What if I have begun to take courses or thought about a career track - what happens now?

If you have already begun to take courses towards a career track, be sure to set up an appointment with your Graduate Academic Advisor who will guide you in selecting courses.  If you thought about a career track, then please note that most courses that were affiliated with a specific career track have transitioned into current concentrations and elective course offerings. 

The chart below shows how existing Career Tracks map into their equivalent Concentrations.

Current MBA Career Track
Equivalent Concentration
Accounting Accounting
Asset Management
Money Management
Real Estate/Venture Capital
Consulting Consulting
International Business Consulting
Information Technology Consulting
Management Consulting
Corporate Finance
Commercial Banking
Corporate Financial Management
Investment Banking
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship
Global Emerging Market
Global Emerging Markets
Business Global Emerging Markets
Finance Global Emerging Markets
Information Technology
Global Emerging Markets
International Trade/Global Supply Chain Management
Global Emerging Markets
Leadership & Strategic Human Capital Mgmt
Marketing Management
Marketing Research
Real Estate
Real Estate
Customized Track
Per relevant concentration area