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Elective Courses - Fall 2010

Note: Everything on this list is subject to change and may vary slightly from the printed catalogue or online schedule.

Accounting | Finance | Information Technology | International Business | Management | Kogod


ACCT-547 Advanced Financial Accounting (3)
Provides in-depth coverage of accounting and reporting for securities investments, business combinations, consolidated financial statements, and partnerships. Prerequisite: ACCT-341 or equivalent such as ACCT-641.

ACCT-549 Contemporary Assurance and Audit Services (3)
Introduces the role of the audit and assurance services in financial markets. Focuses on the ethical and legal obligations of audit professionals, practice standards, risk assessment and the evaluation of internal controls, audit evidence, levels of assurance, attestation requirements, and the impact of information technology on audit practice. Prerequisite: ACCT-340 or equivalent such as ACCT-607.

ACCT-596 Forensic Accounting (3)
This course examines fraud in the financial reporting and record keeping processes of business. It includes identifying and preventing financial deceptions and the role of the accountant in the litigation process. Students learn investigative skills to uncover fraud including interviewing witnesses, writing reports, and testifying before courts.