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Consortium Course Registration

Registration for courses in the DC Consortium requires the advice, coordination, and approval of your Graduate Academic Advisor to:

  • Inform you about criteria for selecting Consortium courses
  • Review how the credit hours would apply to your degree
  • Clarify the approval process


  • In general, students may consider a consortium school course, provided the course is not offered at American University. 
  • The AU Office of the Registrar only allows approved consortium registration requests to be submitted the week before the class starts.
  • Requests will be processed on a space-available basis only. 
  • Students may not register for a closed class.


  1. Meet with your Graduate Academic Advisor
  2. Find courses and schedules through consortium school websites:

    George Washington University

    Main campus only
    Graduate level classes are 200-level and above

    George Mason University

    Fairfax campus only
    Graduate level classes are 500-level and above

    Georgetown University

    Graduate level classes are 500-level and above

    University of Maryland

    College Park, MD campus only (indicated by section numbers 0101 or 0102)
    Graduate level classes are 500-level and above

    Howard University

    Graduate level classes are 500-level and above
  3. Notify your Graduate Academic Advisor with the course information:
    • Course and section number
    • Course name
    • Description
  4. Graduate Academic Advisor will review the information to ensure compliance with consortium guidelines.
  5. Upon approval by the Graduate Academic Advisor, complete the Consortium Registration Form.
  6. Return the completed form to your Graduate Academic Advisor who will:
    • Coordinate approval signatures from the instructor, Department Chair, or Dean on your behalf
    • Inform you once the approvals have been secured
    • Submit the Consortium Registration Form to AU Central at the appropriate time

Should your registration be processed successfully, you will be informed by the Consortium coordinator of the school where you have been registered with confirmation of your final schedule as well as additional instructions.