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Course Registration Guide

This page provides information to prepare you to register for courses at American University.

Pre-Registration Preparation | Registration Periods |
Using the AU Online Registration | Waitlist Instructions | Problems?

Pre-Registration Preparation

Every Fall and Spring, Graduate Academic Advisors will alert graduate business students to get ready for the following semester registration. The KSB Bulletin will publish information about important dates and reminders.

Prior to the start of registration:

  1. Ensure your student account is up-to-date. Provided there are no holds on their student accounts, all graduate students are eligible to register as soon as registration opens.

    To check if there are any "stops" or outstanding obligations on your student account:

    • Log on to the myAU Portal
    • Click on "Eagle Finance" on the right-hand side menu
    • Contact AU Central at (202) 885-8000 to resolve any financial obligations.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor, if desired. Your Graduate Academic Advisor is ready to assist you with information and support to:
    • Fulfill your degree plan
    • Choose electives
    • Choose a concentration (MBA students only)
    Special registrations require Academic Advisor support and approvals.
    Appointment Time
    Scheduling Method
    Weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Online appointment schedule
    Weekends and evenings
    Contact advisor directly

  3. Plan and prioritize the courses you wish to take. Review the course offerings listed in the AU Schedule of Classes. Each course is listed by pre-fix, course number, and section number. Graduate-level courses are 500-level or above. Kogod courses are listed under the following pre-fix codes:
    ACCT:  Accounting
    FIN:  Finance
    ITEC:  Information Technology
    IBUS:  International Business
    KSB:  Business
    MGMT:  Management
    MKTG:  Marketing
    REAL:  Real Estate

    Course Listing Notations
    As you develop your plan, please be sure to note information about:
    Course dates - Start and end dates are listed on the AU Academic Calendar
    • Three credit hour classes typically run the entire semester
    • 1.5 credit hour classes run half of the semester
      Module A - noted by A after the section number runs the first half of a semester
      Module B - noted by B after the section number runs the second half of a semester
    Format - Alternative or abbreviated delivery may include:
    • Hybrid that combines online and in class sessions
    • Specific class session dates or days and times
    Pre-requisites - Course listings may specify fulfillment of certain other courses as a pre-requisite.
    Permission - Submission of an application or approval of a faculty member may be required.

Registration Periods

For courses offered in:
Registration begins:
Registration ends:
Spring End of October
Last day of Add/Drop period
Summer and Fall
End of March
Last day of Add/Drop period

Add/Drop Period - At the beginning of each semester, there is a one- or two-week period when courses may be added or dropped without financial penalty. The Add/Drop dates differ depending on whether a class is a three credit hour or 1.5-credit Module course. The Add/Drop period for each semester and the associated schedule of refund for classes dropped after the Add/Drop period is published on the AU Academic Calendar. Additionally, graduate academic advisors notify students through the weekly KSB Bulletin.

Leave of Absence - Students who do not plan or are unable to take classes in any given fall or spring semester, must notify their Graduate Academic Advisor who will determine if a student is eligible and process a leave of absence, if applicable. Students who hold an F1 visa are unable to take a leave of absence.

Using the AU Online Registration

Course registration
Online registration is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on "Course Registration" on the right hand side
  3. Click on "AU Course Registration"
  4. Follow the directions for adding courses

After you have completed your registration, you can review your final schedule under "My Schedule."

It is advisable to periodically check the online schedule of classes in the event course availability or professors change.

Waitlist Instructions

If a course is no longer available, you have the option to waitlist:

  1. Select "Yes" under "Waitlist?" on the online registration screen. The way the process work is:
    • If someone drops the course and if you are first on the waitlist you will be notified through your AU email.
    • You will have until 6:00 a.m. the next day to register yourself for the course.
    • If you fail to register during this time period, you will be automatically dropped from the waitlist.
  2. Check your AU email daily to learn if a space becomes available.


If you encounter any problems such as a notice that registration failed or instructor consent required or need clarification of any notations when registering, please contact your Graduate Academic Advisor.