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Independent Study Process

Registration for independent study requires the advice, coordination, and approval of your Graduate Academic Advisor to:

  • Discuss the general nature of an independent study
  • Review how the credit hours would apply to the degree
  • Clarify requisite faculty and/or department chair approvals.


  1. Meet with your Graduate Academic Advisor to discuss interest in an independent study and to learn of the appropriate KSB Faculty supervisor.
  2. Meet with the KSB Faculty supervisor to discuss the scope of the independent study.
  3. Complete two required forms
  4. Obtain the KSB Faculty supervisor approval signature on AU Independent Study registration form.
  5. Return the completed and approved AU and KSB to your Graduate Academic Advisor who will:
    • Coordinate Department Chair or Dean approval signatures on your behalf if required
    • Inform you once the approvals have been secured.
    • Submit the AU registration form on your behalf.