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Internship Registration

Requirements, Criteria and Approval Process

Registering an internship requires the advice, coordination, and approval of your Graduate Academic Advisor who will:

  • Ensure you meet the requirements
  • Clarify requisite faculty supervisor approvals
  • Register your internship

Note: For students holding F1 visas, the requirements and approval process is further detailed.

Academic Requirements

At the time of registering an internship, all graduate students must meet the following academic requirements:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0  
  • Completion of 12 credits toward the degree

Criteria for Internships

Credit hours

  • Graduate students may register an internship for 0 or 1.5 credits
  • Internship credit may only be taken as elective credit which must be applied to the semester in which the majority of the work is done
  • No more than 3 internship credit hours may be applied toward a degree program
  • No more than 1.5-credits can be earned per internship
  • Work must be academic in nature
  • To earn 0 or 1.5 credits, students must work a minimum of 10 hours/week for a minimum of 12 weeks
  • Internships are graded pass/fail only
  • Students are evaluated by their faculty advisor as stated in the Kogod Internship Syllabus


  1. Meet with your Graduate Academic Advisor to discuss your internship.
  2. Complete the Kogod Internship Registration form
  3. Meet with and obtain signed approval of designated faculty supervisor. 
  4. Return approved form to your Graduate Academic Advisor who will: 
    • Secure Department Chair or Dean approval
    • Register your internship on your behalf