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Course/Internship Registration FAQ

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Course Registration

Students in the following programs register themselves for courses:

  • MSA
  • MSF
  • MSSM
  • MSRE
  • MST
  • MSAN

Students in the following programs are registered by their advisor:

  • JD/MBA
  • MA/MBA
  • MSM

Your advisor will contact you to confirm your registration.

Registration Dates are set by the Office of the University Registrar. Once the registration period opens, students are assigned a registration date and time. 

Students can view their assigned date within Student Planning. Student Planning is a tool students use to build a registration plan and schedule prior to their registration date. On or after their assigned registration date, students must go back into the Student Planning tool to register for their selected courses.

Click here for Student Planning FAQs and to view a tutorial.

There are a number of resources you can refer to when selecting courses:

  • Student Planning: View ALL courses that have been offered at AU.
    Note: Course sections that do not list specific meeting dates/times are not being offered for the upcoming semester, but may be offered in a future semester.
  • Schedule of classes: View ONLY the courses that are going to be offered for the upcoming semester, read course descriptions, access book requirements.
  • Course Catalog: View program requirements by the catalog year for which you were admitted.
  • Academic Advising: Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor to review your course plan.
  • Add/drop deadlines and refund allocations for fall and spring semesters are published in the academic calendar and on the summer calendar for summer sessions.
  • Partial to no refund is available for courses withdrawn after the add/drop 100% refund deadline. View the refund policy for withdrawn courses.
  • Late fees are assessed if registration is not started before the first date of class as listed in the academic calendar. As long as at least one course is registered prior to the start of class, no late fee will be assessed.

Learn about the waitlist process here. Note that waitlisted courses may appear available within the Student Planning even though the seats are being reserved for the next person on the waitlist. If you are trying to register for a course and you receive a error message stating the course is full, then it may be that this course has a waitlist. 

Refer to the Schedule of Classes to determine if a course has a waitlist. It will either indicate OPEN or WAITLIST-X. You can view your place on a waitlist within your portal by clicking the Waitlist link.

Students must be enrolled in classes for the Fall/Spring semesters, or must be on an approved Temporary Leave. A maximum of 2 semesters of Temporary Leave may be taken during the entirety of a student's program.

To request a leave, submit a Temporary Leave Form to your academic advisor ( can be emailed to ).

Students in good academic standing may withdraw from AU at any time though will need to reapply for admission if they decide to return in the future. Students should consult with their advisor prior to re-applying to learn how their previous course work will fit into their new academic plan. 

To withdraw from AU, submit a Withdraw from All Classes Form to your academic advisor ( can be emailed to ).

Your bill is generated at the time of registration. View additional information about billing, payment methods, payment plans

For information on tuition and fees info, refer to Tuition Schedule. Information is also available about optional tuition insurance.

Internship Registration

Students may receive academic credits for approved internships. Please note that the information below pertains to students enrolled in an on-campus graduate program only.

  • Students with an AU established GPA of 3.0 or higher may choose to register for 1, 2, or 3 credits.

    Number of Credits 1 2 3
    Min. Number of Internship Hours 70 140 210
  • Students may not receive credit twice for the same internship at the same company, unless the internship positions or work experiences are different.
  • A maximum of 3 credits of internship credit may be used to satisfy electives within certain programs. Consult with your advisor to determine how internship for credit will fit into your academic plan.
  • Internships must be taken Pass/Fail (not for a letter grade).
  • Internships must be completed during the semester for which the credit is registered and students may not earn credit retroactively for a previous internship.
  • Internships for credit may be paid or unpaid, but must be substantive in nature requiring no more than 15% of low-level administrative responsibilities.
  • Students must secure their internship before they can begin the registration process.

For help with your internship search, contact a Kogod Career Advisor.

  • F-1 visa holders must have lived and studied in the U.S. for one academic year, excluding summer, in order to be eligible.
  • Students who have completed previous internships at other U.S. institutions should consult with ISSS to determine how multiple internships may impact their eligibility for CPT.
  • Registration of internship credit is required in order to initiate CPT work authorization process. Consult with ISSS for details. Registration of credit takes 1-2 days, at which point ISSS will start your CPT paperwork, which can take up to 3-5 business days. You may not intern before the start date issued on your CPT. Plan ahead to ensure all paperwork is completed on time.
  1. Consult with your academic advisor to determine if you are eligible to pursue an internship for credit.
  2. Complete the internship registration form being sure to answer every question and leave no field blank.

    Note: Course number is subject prefix (ex ACCT), course number (691), section number (001 for 1 cr, 002 for 2 cr, 003 for 3 cr). Example: student doing a 3-credit Management internship would use MGMT-691-003.
  3. Obtain Faculty Advisor Signature. Meet with the faculty advisor to determine learning outcomes, review syllabus outlining academic requirements to earn the credit.
    • Accounting: Emily Lindsay, CPA, KSB 14, (202) 885-1902
    • Finance: Dr. Peter Chinloy, KSB 229, (202) 885-1951
    • Information Systems: Dr. Richard Gibson, KSB 24, (202) 885-2735
    • International Business: Bob Sicina, KSB 223, (202) 885-1858
    • ITEC: Dr. Richard Gibson, KSB 24, (202) 885-2735
    • Management: Dr. Alex Mislin, KSB 211, (202) 885-1919
    • Marketing: Mike Carberry, KSB 28, (202) 885-1934
  4. Obtain ISSS signature if you are an international student.
  5. Obtain employer signature. No other information from your employer will be needed.
  6. Submit completed form, with all required signatures, to your advisor, or email to Your advisor will submit to the registrar's office for processing. Please allow 1-2 days.