The Educational Enhancement Fund provides Kogod students with the opportunity to participate in professional development opportunities, including business-focused professional conferences or association memberships, case or other competitions, and leadership development activities.

Once approved, students will work with staff, faculty, the Kogod Center for Career Development, and the Kogod Center for Business Communications to prepare. In most cases, Kogod will pay for at least the registration fee for experiences.

Some of the key things you will be required to complete include:

  1. Complete the application (found here). Note that the last day to submit applications for the current academic year is April 10th. The application process re-opens on May 1
  2. Connect with Andrew Toczydlowski, Kogod's Director of Student Development and Services, to discuss and finalize your application
  3. Meet with your team, faculty sponsor, KCBC, and/or KCCD depending on the opportunity
  4. If you will miss class or other responsibilities due to these activities, work with your faculty/supervisors/advisors in advance

Many opportunities will be highlighted in the weekly Kogod Student News newsletter, or in CareerSource, but these are not all-encompassing lists. Click here to be added to the email list and find out as opportunities become available.


Review the guidelines below for a greater understanding of the types of opportunities eligible for this program.

  • Students must be an undergraduate student with a declared major or minor in Kogod or a graduate student enrolled in a degree-granting program through Kogod.
  • Students must also be good standing with the university and Kogod (including but not limited to Student Conduct probation, academic probation, and Academic Integrity violations).  While the university standards to be in good academic standing are lower, priority consideration will be given to undergraduate students above a 2.5 cumulative GPA or graduate students above 3.25.
  • To begin the process, students will complete a form (to be designed) that will trigger a response from the Director of Student Development and Services (herein referred to as the Director).
  • Students can receive funding (as outlined below) that are approved in advance by the Director.  For priority consideration, requests must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance for destinations within 50 miles of DC or 20 business days outside of that radius. All reimbursements or payments must be approved in advance of departure or event dates.
  • We want to encourage all eligible students to participate in opportunities so preference will be given to those not previously funded in the current academic year.  Multiple opportunities for a single student may be available but are not guaranteed.
  • If applicable, students will get permission from and work with faculty in advance to plan for missed class time, assignments, exams, or other course-related materials.
  • After their participation, students will plan a wrap-up activity to demonstrate what they learned through their experience that may be used in marketing, on social media, or other public forums (this may include video or in-person presentations, blog posts for the Kogod website or social media, or other creative means developed by students and the Director).
  • For reimbursed expenses, an itemized receipt is required and must meet the guidelines set by the Director in advance of the opportunity. Alcohol is not reimbursable through this program.
  • In order to be paid for or reimbursed by Kogod (if applicable as outlined in these guidelines), flights must be booked at the cheapest available rate in economy or similar cabin. Upgrades to seats or cabins must be paid for out of pocket and will not be reimbursed.
  • In order to be paid for or reimbursed by Kogod (if applicable as outlined in these guidelines), lodging must be at the event-sponsored hotel and rooms shared if multiple people are attending the same event. Lodging outside the event-sponsored hotel or if there aren't listed accommodations by the event organizer must be approved in advance by the Director.
  • The maximum amount to be reimbursed (unless otherwise outlined in these guidelines) will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • If a student commits to an opportunity and then later withdraws, they will be responsibility for reimbursing Kogod for expenses already made on their behalf.
  • In any opportunity where a student must submit a resume, resumes must be reviewed and approved by the Kogod Center for Career Development.
  • Depending on the level of interest in an opportunity, there may be pre-work required such as a mini-competition or similar assignment to determine a team who will represent Kogod.
  • Students should work with the Director to find or coordinate with a faculty member in the field appropriate to the subject matter of the competition to act as their advisor.
  • Students will be required to have at least one rehearsal with the Kogod Center for Business Communications in advance of the competition.
  • Registration and transportation will be paid for by Kogod. Lodging, meals, or other expenses will be the responsibility of those competing and will be reimbursed by Kogod only if the students place or receive an award at the competition.  
  • Kogod will pay the cost of a student's registration at the career fair portion of the event. Conference registration (if separate) will be paid for by the student unless otherwise indicated.
  • If a student is presenting at a conference, their conference registration, travel, lodging, and meals will be paid for by Kogod.
  • Depending on the location of the conference, travel expenses may be paid for by Kogod.  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Memberships in accredited or faculty-sanctioned professional associations that are relevant to a student's academic program and/or career goals may be paid for by Kogod.  Pre-approval is required.  
  • The registration fee for conferences will be paid by Kogod. Students will be responsible for transportation, lodging, meals, or other expenses unless otherwise indicated.
  • Preference will be given to those who are active members or leaders in a recognized business club on campus.
  • If a student is presenting at the event, their registration, travel, lodging, and meals will be paid for by Kogod.

Example Opportunities

Below are some of the opportunities Kogod students have participated in previously.

Ascend: Pan-Asian Leaders

National Black MBA Expo (NBMBAA)

Prospanica MBA Conference (previously NSHMBA)

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

Reaching Out
Open to identifying LGBT graduate students only

National Association of Women MBA Conference (NAWMBA)

Net Impact Conference

Asian MBA Conference and Career Expo


Please contact Andrew if you have any questions or want to get involved.