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Registration Instructions and Tips

Pre-Registration Reminders

Prior to the opening of registration:

  • Be sure that your student account is up to date and all tuition payments and financial obligations are resolved.

    • The AU online registration system will not allow you to register if there are any outstanding obligations on your account.

    • Visit your "Eagle Finance" on to check if you have a stop(s) on your account.

    • Contact AU Central at to resolve any financial obligations.

  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor if desired

  • Make a plan of the courses you wish to take – be mindful of course availability, prerequisites, meeting times and dates to avoid schedule conflicts.

  • Plan to register early for your preferred courses---Online registration is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Periodically check the online schedule of classes as course availability and professors may change.

Online Registration and Waitlist Instructions

  • Log on to

  • Click on "Course Registration" on the right hand side and then "AU Course Registration." Follow the directions for adding courses.

To waitlist:

  • Select "Yes" under "Waitlist?" on the online registration screen to place you on the course's waitlist should it fill up before your registration can be processed.

  • Check your AU email every day so you don't miss the opportunity to register for a course for which you are on the waitlist. The way the process work is:

    • If someone drops the course and if you are first on the waitlist you will be notified through your AU email.

    • You will have until the next evening from receipt of the email to register yourself for the course.

    • If you fail to register during this time period, you will be automatically dropped from the waitlist.


If you encounter any problems such as your registration failed, you need instructor consent, or clarification of any notations, etc. please your Kogod Graduate Advisor.