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Course Registration FAQ

Registration Clearance
Course Registration Errors
Waitlist Process
Adding/Dropping Courses
Requesting a Course Overload


What do I need to do to be cleared to register for classes?

Every semester all KSB students must be cleared to register for the following semester. You will not be allowed to register for the summer or fall until you have been cleared. Please follow the steps below to make sure that you are ready to register ASAP. For any questions contact Kogod Advising at, (202) 885-1914, or KSB 106.

  • First Semester Students (New First Years/Transfers)
    All Kogod students that started at AU in Spring 2012 were required to attend an Advanced Registration Training (ART) session. If you have not done this, contact the advising office immediately.
  • Second Semester, Sophomores, and Juniors
    If you are currently a second semester student, Sophomore, or Junior at AU you must update your CareerSource profile to include a resume approved by KCCD and submit a request to be cleared by clicking here.
  • Seniors
    All Seniors need to get cleared to graduate in order to register for summer and fall courses. This will ensure that your graduation plan is on track. Fill out this form, print out your resume, and make an appointment with an advisor.


I was cleared for registration, but I still can't sign up for my classes.

Please review both of the possible solutions before contacting an academic advisor:

Solution 1: Check your registration date by going to your portal, clicking "course registration" and then clicking "registration dates." Review the number of credits you have completed in the Overall Current Earned section of your Degree Audit Report. Note that the credits you are currently registered for do not count as completed credits. Only courses for which you have received a grade, transferred from another institution, and received from exams (AP, IB, CLEP, A Levels) are considered completed credits.

Solution 2: You may have a stop on your account. Check your portal, a message should appear after you login if there is a stop. If you do, please contact for financial concerns, or to resolve academic holds email


I'm trying to register for a class, but it won't let me register for it.

Check the prerequisites for the course. Also check the section number. If the section number has an "H" after it that means that section is reserved for students enrolled in the Honors program and you may not be eligible to register for that section. If the section has "UC" after it, this section is available only to students accepted into the University College program. Sections with a "T" after it are available only to students accepted into the Washington Mentorship program. If these are not the reasons, then contact an academic advisor for assistance.


How do I get into a class that I am waitlisted for?

You will receive an email from the Registrar when you become the next person on the waitlist eligible to register. When you receive the email, register for the course as you would any other course. There is a deadline so make sure to register for the course by the time indicated in your email. Waitlist emails are sent every day, including weekends and holidays, so check your email every day so that you do not miss your opportunity. If you do not register by the deadline in your email, then no one, not even an academic advisor, can register you for the course. You will have to add yourself to the waitlist again.


Can an instructor give me permission to register for the class, even though I am not the next person on the waitlist?

No, there is no exception to this.


What happens if I drop a class after the add/drop date?

Refer to the academic calendar through your portal to view the deadline date for "Last day to add a course or change a grade option/Last day to drop a course for a 100% and without a 'W' recorded." If you drop a course after this date, then you will not be entitled to a full refund and you will receive a "W" on your transcript for "Withdraw." If you are planning to attend graduate school then having too many "W's" on your transcript may not look good, however having one or two "W's" is not generally problematic.

Note: There are additional deadlines to receive a 50% refund, 25% refund, or no refund. After the "Last day to drop a class (mid-term)", you can no longer withdraw from a course at all.

Please be sure to check the academic calendar for the various add/drop dates.


How can I register for more than 17 credits?

Students taking more than 17 credits will be charged an additional fee for each credit hour beyond 17 credits. Students with a strong academic record may seek approval from an academic advisor to take an overload. Note that this option is not available to incoming freshman or transfer students during their first semester at AU. If you would like to take an overload to "catch up" then you should review your academic plan with an academic advisor first to determine whether or not this option is beneficial in terms of money or time.